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Look Out for These Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

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As Spring 2019 is just around the corner, it is time to delve into the coming fashion trends and what to expect. Brace yourselves, ladies! If this coming season says anything about the rest of the year’s fashion “Do’s”, then it’s going to be a year to remember.


Photo via @lushclothing

TREND 1: Earthy
Down to earth? Organic materials are coming in hot! Expect your buttons to be made from wood, shell or horn. Prepare to see lots of natural tones (creams and tans). Time to retire all the black, LOL as if, and bring out the lights!


Photo via @cottoncandyla

TREND 2: Squared
Maybe the first (and only) time being a square just might be considered cool! Square necklines that is. This elegant, new trend will surely show off those stellar collar bones and create a very feminine vibe.


Photo via @mustardseedclothing

TREND 3: Wild Child
Are you a wild child? You will definitely be pleased with this trend. Prints are getting even wilder this season. Feel free to mix those animal prints, or hey, why not? Wear head to toe leopard! The choice is yours!


Photo via @lushclothing

TREND 4: Golden Girl
Golden Girl’s in the house! Yellow will play a huge role in the Spring fashion world this year. So, don’t retire all that mustard just yet. Prepare to see lots of tops, dresses, and jumpsuits repin’ that sunny disposition.


Photo via @promesausa

TREND 5: Knots on Knots
Knot into it? Too bad! Knotted details are only going to increase in the fashion world this season. Maybe even get a little weird. Expect to see multiple knots on one garment and quite possibly put together in a very complex manner sure to leave you wondering.


Photo via @mywildhoney

TREND 6: Biker Girl
Bringing a whole new meaning to biker girl. Biking shorts are among us my friends, and mod at that! Time to retire those short shorts. This season more is less.


Photo via @mywildhoney

TREND 7: So Extra
Always known deep down that you are extra? Let’s be real, we all have a diva buried deep inside waiting for our moment to emerge, like a caterpillar waiting to become a beautiful butterfly, if you will. Well, now is your time to shine! EXTRA is in ladies and thanks to this season completely socially acceptable. Ruffles, glitter, layers on layers, frill, mixing prints, saturated colors, you name it. This season is all about doing you!


Photo via @mywildhoney

TREND 8: Good Vibes Only
There are no bad days this season. As Anna Kendrick says, “You can’t have a bad day in polka dots.” Get on board because the infamous polka dots are here to stay!

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